Sponsorship Place – Weekend Survival Academy


Sponsorship Place

One Student on The Survival Academy

2 day, 1 night programme


We are looking for Companies and Individuals who can make a big change in a young person’s life: by gifting them a sponsorship place on the Survival Academy.

They’ll be using the Really Wild Method to identify & create life opportunities, understand consequences, thrive on change, achieve more with less in addition to developing greater personal discipline, purpose and resilience.

Sometimes money can be a barrier to young people accessing such enriching activities – you can make the difference…

Each participant is carefully chosen by the School or Pupil Support Service for the impact that it could have in turning their lives around and helping them find their way in both life and the world.

All sponsors are acknowledged and celebrated throughout all of our publicity. The recipient of the place is encouraged to make contact, describe the developments they’ve accomplished and say a big thank you too.

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