Our Method

Our unique and world class staff team are not the only thing that makes Really Wild Education different. We have a tried and tested Methodology for Success that can help students, teachers and Senior Management Teams and even international corporations do better.

The areas of focus are in:

  • A person’s academic progression
  • Their work lives and/or career ambitions.
  • Their personal lives relating to relationships, personal peace and satisfaction.

We call this approach the ‘Whole Person Performance’. We also seek to promote the ethos of your school or company in everything we do.

Apart from learning world class survival skills and how to operate in almost any location with confidence, we help students act to amplify positive changes and make planned, consistent progression regarding areas that need improvement. This includes those having a particular special need, to the most gifted and talented who’s personal and emotional needs often get overlooked because of their academic success.

See our teacher feedback for more information or contact one of our champions below for some of the things that we have done with schools and staff.

Teacher Feedback

I teach 11-18 year olds in West London, many of whom rarely get the chance to see open countryside and... read more

Will Wearden Avatar
Will Wearden

The Finland arctic expedition was Awesome. Not only did I learn some great survival skills, but I was able to... read more

Helen Barnsley Avatar
Helen Barnsley

I have worked with Matt and Steve on numerous occasions in the 'wilds' of Cornwall as one of their chosen... read more

Ian Prickett Avatar
Ian Prickett

I was fortunate enough to attend an excellent Arctic Survival school trip to Finland with Really Wild Education. It... read more

Ghazala MP Avatar
Ghazala MP

Danish Student on Internship A life changing experience!

Amanda L Avatar
Amanda L

I have cooperated with Mat and Steven many times and I have to say that they are very fantastic,... read more

Riikka Fisk Avatar
Riikka Fisk

During your time with us you can access some amazing resources that can help students learn and grow. See below for just a few examples.

  • Our whole year-group kick-off days help students get to know one another better, have a fun day out, learn some real survival skills and reflect on their behaviours and the expectations connected with the school’s ethos.
  • The survival academy is the pinnacle of outdoor learning, helping students to grow tremendous confidence in their abilities as they progress through the levels.
  • Our expeditions include work books that help students understand the meaning and importance of consequence awareness, how to identify opportunities and achieve great things where most people see nothing but leaves and trees. Whilst on Expedition the students also learn how to thrive on change and complexity, how to achieve results with consistency and on purpose and much more. This makes them safer, more observant and ready to achieve when opportunities arise.

Give us a call to find out more about the amazing opportunities that await your school!