Peru Jungle Expedition and Desert Scientific Exploration

Peru Jungle Expedition and Desert Scientific Exploration

Duration: 2-3 weeks

Peru is a mystical and magical place steeped in rich culture and sometimes bloody history; it has everything from the deep impenetrable Amazon jungle and its astonishing wildlife to some of the highest and most impressive mountains in the world. It also has deep endless forbidding deserts that seem empty and impassable… but not for Really Wild Education.

This may be the most enriching expedition you will ever go on. Come with us, not just on a trip to see the sights, on a real exploration!

Come to the Jungle with us where you will step beyond the edge of civilisation and go to places that few have ever travelled. You will learn a wealth of knowledge of the fauna and flora of the deep Amazon, its tightly kept secrets that will allow you to feel right at home in one of the words toughest environments.

You can walk the legendary Inca Trail to see one of the greatest ancient wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, walking in the shoes of the world’s great explorers.

But the exploration doesn’t stop there. We have a unique opportunity to go to the seemingly impassable desert regions and look for buried treasure in the form of ancient fossil remains of giant whales, and the largest carnivore to ever be discovered in the history of the world! To put a great learning twist on this there are opportunities to do GCSE and A-Level coursework/cases studies in Science and Geography, degree based dissertations and even post grad and PHD research in Geology, Palaeobiology, Palaeontology and other subjects.

The above mentioned activities can be done in any combination and duration, with focus on multiple disciplines and educational subjects. Drop us a line and put together your own exploration to the edge of the world.


  • A four day walk on the incredible Inca Trail ending at Machu Picchu
  • Fly to Iquitos and from there go into the amazon rainforest, here you will feel like you are on the edge of the world as you look across an endless expanse of beautiful rainforest
  • Complete a meaningful and sustainable service project for people who are caught in a poverty cycle. Get stuck in and make life long connections
  • Go sandboarding down giant sand dunes
  • Flights to Cusco with a couple of days in the beautiful and historic city to acclimatise to the altitude of 3000m
  • Learn local survival techniques, honed over thousands of years, that have helped people thrive in these difficult environments
  • With the help of the Natural History Museum you will go to the high desert and dig up whales at 3000m! Some findings may even see your name published in a globally recognised paper! Now there is something for the CV.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to be smart and well prepared to navigate massive countries. Move from place to place using a host of transportation and accommodation methods.
  • Become a brilliant survival practitioner in the outdoors; specialisms here include desert, mountain and jungle survival
  • Along this great journey each participant will be encouraged to reflect on their actions, reactions and ambitions. The group will be encouraged to discuss their findings and use the strengths of each person to create highly supportive and functional teams.
  • Get stuck into cutting edge scientific discovery in the desert: hang out with world class ‘Indiana Jones style’ scientists; learn exploration techniques to delve into the past; plus actually help to dig for ancient treasure in the form of fossilised whales and ancient archaeological artefacts.
  • Complete a meaningful service project for a small community, living in the deep jungle, who have asked for assistance with sanitation and sustainable power.

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