Cornwall Sea Kayak Expedition

Cornwall Sea Kayak Expedition

Duration: 5 days

An extraordinary adventure! Students will kayak and camp along one of the most beautiful and dramatic coastlines in Europe.

They will receive professional tuition from the country’s most experienced sea kayaking instructors and our survival experts. We have a fabulous partnership with local experts Sea Kayak Cornwall to bring you a kayak trip with a personal development twist. Your students will survive and thrive in the wild and have the chance to earn an Open Water Sea Kayaking Qualification too.

Students will learn a range of survival and bush craft skills that can include; how to fish from your boat on the open sea, how to forage for wild foods and materials from the shoreline and coastal regions, how to establish and manage an excellent camp, ignite and establish fires using natural means and prepare wholesome meals using a mixture of expedition rations and tasty wild foods.

At the end of the expedition, students will have become competent as expedition members and will have developed the mindset and a number of skills necessary to succeed in different aspects of their lives.


  • Sea kayaking instruction and certification
  • Expedition planning
  • Open water navigation, safety and rescue techniques
  • Canadian canoeing skills
  • Fishing
  • Foraging; identification of foods in the wild on and off shore
  • Knife craft
  • Expedition cooking and nutrition
  • Shelter and camp craft skills
  • Survival priorities and techniques
  • Open water first aid, search and rescue

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