Arctic Winter Expedition

Arctic Winter Expedition

Duration: 1 Week

On this trip you will learn how to be organised and manage a polar expedition like every other great Arctic explorer. Through this learning your confidence in your own abilities will soar.

Learning in this incredible and beautiful environment will open your eyes to a host of skills and resources that you would never have known you had. You will return from this trip with a whole new outlook on yourself and the world around you and if you are lucky, will get to see the incredible Northern lights. Recommended age for participating in this expedition is from Year 7 onwards.


  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snow shoeing
  • Tracking animals
  • Husky dog sledding
  • Planning and leading expeditions
  • Safely building and sleeping in snow shelter
  • Navigating in white out conditions through dense forests and across tundra environments
  • Establishing arctic expedition base camps
  • Conducting search and rescue operations with avalanche beacons
  • Developing Arctic first aid skills
  • Ice-fishing
  • Outdoor cooking and camp craft in arctic conditions
  • Relaxing by camp fires in the snow and looking for the northern lights.

Learning Outcomes

  • Combining the challenges of surviving in the sub-arctic environment with physically demanding activities creates a fantastic learning experience which, paired with our “Methodology for Success™”, can result in life-changing personal development.
  • Opportunities include the chance to put yourself in the shoes of some of histories great cold explorers, you will learn to be responsible for yourselves, your kit and one another as you learn how to not just survive but thrive in potentially harsh place.
  • Each participant will be encouraged to reflect on their actions, reactions and ambitions. The group will be encouraged to discuss their findings and use the strengths of each person to create highly supportive and functional teams.
  • The expedition enhances understanding and provides case-studies for a host of subjects including: human and physical geography, geology and the sciences, natural history, culture and politics.

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