An Introduction to Really Wild

Our Approach to Education and Personal Development

At Really Wild we believe that every student and every member of a school’s staff or leadership team is meant to thrive. They are destined to do so because our ability to rise to any challenge, to overcome odds and to create incredible solutions and new ideas are at the core of our DNA.

These abilities have not changed since the dawn of time and have been demonstrated in our species at every juncture of the human journey, from the moment we left the wild plains of Africa to venture into the extreme environments of the north, through to further exploration of the globe, periods of great developments such as the renaissance, and all the way through to modern times.

“Every creature that is alive is descended from literally an unbroken line of successful ancestors and the field is littered with the corpses of contemporaries which were not. We are the elite descended from the elite of every generation in the past.”

Richard Dawkins

Our latest achievements have seen us communicate seamlessly in real time across every location of the world and even land on planets and asteroids in the far reaches of space. We have overcome famines, diseases, natural disasters and the turmoil we have created ourselves only to thrive on a scale that dwarfs any other species.

With such a history, and despite our weaknesses and foibles, humans are pretty amazing and so too is every single person on this earth. If we can convince our students believe this – which we do! Then we can help them achieve the most incredible of things.

At our core, we believe that if we can teach someone how to survive and thrive in the wild with few or apparently no resources, we can certainly show them how to survive and thrive in life at home, at school and in their professional lives too.

We have worked with students who have overcome selective mutism, secured the job opportunities of their dreams, overcome shyness, improved their discipline, focus and academic results and who have greatly enhanced the quality of their lives and others about them too.

We seek to ignite in our students the belief in their amazing inbuilt ability to succeed (original human success™) to inspire them to act and to equip and enable them to succeed with the right attitudes, behaviours and tools to do so. Hence our tagline, Ignite, inspire, achieve!

Time and time again, pupils join a Really Wild Programme as every day children or young adults and leave confident and focused to handle the challenges of life and to excel in a manner personal to each back at home, in the classroom and in their future academic or professional lives too. And it rubs off on their teachers too!

Our approach is simple but effective:

  1. We follow the simple belief that education has to be:
  • Highly inspiring
  • Personally relevant
  • Practical
  • Long lasting, and
  • Life changing
  1. We teach the most fascinating outdoor skills or relate to stories taken from wilderness survival or people overcoming tremendous odds and use this to inspire our students.
  2. We teach skills to the highest standards so pupils can be truly proud of very real achievements.
  3. We take them to places that include experiences that no other company can offer.
  4. We link all activities and lessons to experience of the student’s own personal life and help them see how they can be applied in practical terms
  5. We use a team of highly professional and experienced staff taken from the world of education, business, expedition leadership, survival and bush craft training, coaching and mentoring.
  6. We deploy our proven methodology for success The Really Wild Method®. This ensures outstanding results are achieved, that they last and that students enjoy a competitive advantage and personal development outcome that matters the most to them.

In addition to our outdoor based programmes, we offer coaching, mentoring and advisory services on the subjects of leadership, management, wellbeing, business development, entrepreneurship and strategy too, for example. We provide these to SMT’s, pupils and prestigious organisations in the corporate and government sector too. This underpins our belief that all things must be valuable and relevant to people’s actual lives.

As we enter out tenth year of business the values we hold dear remain.

We are not any ordinary outdoor provider. We are not just any travel company. We are an education and personal development partner that really makes a difference to pupils’ and teachers’ lives.

This is why we do what we do and why we are proud to introduce ourselves to you.

Steven Shove and Mat Barsnsley

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