we CHANGE lives!

We employ unique individuals with the very best qualifications and experience and we help students ‘learn how to learn’.

This leads to a new realisation of personal potential and improves student performance at school, builds self-confidence and helps students in their social and personal lives too. We call this 'Whole Person Performance' We also seek to promote the ethos of your school in everything we do.

Our approach to teaching is powerful and has proven to make a real impact on students' lives. By offering a progression of learning that builds throughout a student's time at school, we are able to help them develop into outstanding individuals who consistently demonstrate a greater propensity to lead and to contribute at school, at home and in the wider community.

Graduates of our survival academy and expeditions are helped to secure entry to the courses and colleges or universities of their choice and to secure the roles they desire when moving into the work place. uniquely we offer post-activity reports and references to facilitate this. 

Our younger students are helped to settle into school and to progress between years with greater confidence, interest and concentration.

Every student is taught survival and wilderness skills to the highest standards whatever their age and wherever the location, be it on school grounds or as far afield as somewhere like the Arctic.

We have a proven methodology for success that is also used by some of the world's largest corporations. It provides a foundation and tools to succeed in life, relevant to each individual and taught in the most inspiring, engaging and memorable ways. this is also used to provide SMT and school staff development days thereby allowing us to benefit the entire school community.


client feedback is outstanding!

"The outdoor education team at Ravens Wood School wanted its students to experience something special that they would never usually get to do at their age. The Really Wild team certainly delivered! Our students grew as individuals and as a group. They learnt how to use primitive weapons, to make fires and natural shelters (which they used), how to responsibly work with knives, how to navigate and how to administer first aid in the field as well, all in the winter months too. Lessons were well planned and extremely engaging. The team's professionalism and positive attitude throughout ensured a great experience for all. Highly recommended!"
Ollie Nicholls, Outdoor Ed co-ordinator Ravens Wood School

 "Thank you for such a brilliant and fantastic time!! All the children were full of such excitement, saying it was the best trip they'd ever been on.  All the adults were very complimentary too...and wanted to stay even longer"

Woodchester School, Alison - Teacher

 "I would like to thank Really Wild for the wonderful time they gave the pupils of Dorothy Stringer School. The youngsters loved their introduction to bushcraft and were totally enthused and engaged throughout. We will definitely be doing it again!"

Bruce Aitken, Outdoor Education, Dorothy Stringer School 

A life changing experience!

Amanda L. - Student

If you can survive and thrive in the wild with few or apparently no resources, then you can certainly survive and thrive at school, in your home life and in your personal life too!

Please contact us. We will be delighted to help and to provide a solution completely suited to your needs.