Origins Timeless Methodology for Success™ 

Ignite, Inspire, Achieve!


Learning through nature! The principles of success have not changed since the beginning of human history!

Using this notion, combined with the very latest in modern educational best practices, the Really Wild uses an approach to personal and organisational learning and development that is unique, incredibly inspiring and highly effective.

Since its launch in 2009 the Origins Timeless Methodology for Success (OriginsTMS) has delivered fantastic results for children, young adults, professional teams, leaders, companies and a variety of other organisations too.

Here, its application ensures relevance and value to each individual pupil; enabling links to a student's own unique personal situation, need or circumstance. The results for our children have been amazing with many demonstrating greater levels of concentration, commitment and engagement in their school and home lives, together with a greater sense of purpose and determination to do well.

As we offer a progressive approach to learning and development (with both outdoor and indoor educational options), we have seen our students really begin to thrive at school - as they settle in and move between years and then go on to achieve their objectives, such as winning a place on their chosen course, at their chosen college or securing their first role in the career of their choice.

Our approach also actively promotes and reinforces the values of each school.

With our training and advisory services for school staff and the senior management team as well, that use aspects of the methodology embraced by our corporate clients, Really Wild Education is able to deliver the very best possible results for all - delivering improvements to personal and organisational performance with greater consistency and with longer lasting results.

We are all about making a difference and positively impacting the lives of  every student, staff and  family member who attends or supports one of our courses - in a manner that we believe can last forever!

Each activity and experience:

  • Develops skills and capabilities to a very high standard
  • Inspires and provides powerful mental triggers and shifts in attitude to build character and confidence
  • Is linked or associated to develop specific life, academic or professional learning points
  • Demonstrates and reinforces key learning points across  a variety of subjects and key stages of the curriculum

The methodology comprises several elements.

These include the principles of:

  • Learning to learn
  • Original human success
  • Whole person performance
  • Lessons from nature, understanding of self, others and one's environment
  • The decision to succeed
  • Consequence awareness
  • The UTOPIAN Framework of Achievement
  • Leadership, collaboration and teamwork
  • Honesty and integrity - "removing the masks"
  • The propensity to act
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • The importance of celebration

Whatever our audience e.g. mainstream pupils, SEN, G&T, family groups, school staff or your senior management team, Origins Timeless Methodology for Success is targeted to deliver the very best results.

Lesson plans are created for everything we do. When delivered by our professional and experienced staff, you can rest assured that desired learning and developmental outcomes can be achieved.

"The attitudes and principles of success lie within each and every one of our students. They sometimes simply need to be unleashed, encouraged to flourish or channelled in the right direction. By developing key learning points on top of this, everything is possible! This belief provides the foundation for everything we do"