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Completing the three sections of your DofE award can sometimes be difficult. That is where we come in!

Really Wild Education will teach you a host of amazing skills to help you survive and thrive in the wild and in your personal and school life too, equipping you to succeed no matter what! Not only this, but what we will teach you could set you up to join us on future expeditions to the Arctic, jungle and desert islands where your skills and capabilities will be taken to a whole new level. 

Sign up to one of our DofE Skills training weekends and you will have the opportunity to develop some or all of the awesome skills listed below. Places can be booked at the bottom of this page.

Successful completion will also qualify you to apply for our survival academy.


  • Shelter and camp craft - To be able to utilise your environment effectively to stay alive and be comfortable outdoors whatever the weather. Use and understand a range of skills to keep you safe, organised and working efficiently in order to survive and thrive outdoors.
  • Remote first aid - Gain the confidence to keep it together and to look after yourself and others if ever an accident occurs.  
  • Fire craftfire safety, fire ignition and fire lays - Experience the skills to light, sustain and use fire wisely in a range of wilderness scenarios. Highly rewarding!
  • Knife craft - Using a knife to create other tools and useful objects with insights to the law. Gain great confidence and skill with this incredible tool and learn to master its use as you develop your skills after your introductory weekend!
  • Search and rescue training - Increase your tenacity and ability by learning to lead others and save lives!
  • Fauna and flora - Experience these skills for yourself, then research and create short reports, presentations or videos on the identification, uses and folk law about various British plants and animals.
  • Outdoor cooking - This is a great skill to have that can translate to the home and industry. Prepare an outdoor cook book and menu plan and try out and evaluate a range of different backwoods cooking methods for yourself.
  • Animal tracking - The ultimate outdoor skill that can take a lifetime to master! There is so much more to this skill than you might think. Learn about animal behaviours, sign, habitats, uses and their important role in maintaining a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, as well as their role in the development and lifestyles of people throughout the ages.
  • Navigation techniques - Experience and learn multitude of different wild survival and modern navigation skills and techniques.  


Once you have been on the 2 day and one night training weekend, you can then pick one or more of these skills and  develop them over the chosen period for your DofE.

Online learning aids will be provided to give you guidance with your chosen skill.

To pass your chosen skills section of the DofE  you will need to make sure the activity meets the section's criteria and demonstrate competence of your chosen skill/activity. There may be a presentation evening held at the school where you will have an opportunity to show your work. You can choose exactly how! Choose from the following: A verbal presentation, practical demonstration, video or written portfolio. Parents, carers and families will be welcome to attend to celebrate your success. Your work will be submitted on that evening for evaluation by the experts at Really Wild Education for certification on the schools DofE. The Really Wild Education team will be happy to help you along the way if you have any questions.

Date of Skills training weekend: October at Parkwood Camp site. Location and directions can be found here.

The cost of the 2 day training weekend, presentation evening and marking and certification of all students work is £135 per student. This cost includes instruction from the UK’s most highly qualified survival and bush craft instructors, camping fees, meals and marking/certification for the student's section of the DofE.

Parents/carers will need to arrange transportation to and from the venue. We encourage students to lift share to save fuel and time for the parents involved.

A kit list can be downloaded here. It is vital that every student has ALL the kit stated on the list and brings a packed lunch with them the first day of the weekend. 

If you would like to chat to someone about this course you can call us on 07818431902 or 07771 520515.

If your school/establishment is interested in a FULL DofE Programme give us a call.

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DofE Skills Training

Earn your DofE skills section award in one of the most exciting and inspiring of ways by joining our team led by some of the country's most qualified and experienced survival experts and expedition leaders. As well as learning some amazing survival skills, you will also develop as a person: developing leadership skills, understanding what it is like to have to rely on one another and succeeding in situations where you might otherwise have thought it impossible. Graduates of this course may also earn the opportunity to attend more advanced and specialist courses and even earn themselves an invite on future expeditions to the Arctic, the jungles and desert  islands of Borneo, or to the deserts of Australia.

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