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School Camps

School Camps


School Camps

School Camps


School Camps, Learning and Activity Days


Really Wild school camps are a fantastic opportunity for students to be inspired, to develop valuable age-appropriate life and academic skills and to experience how to really survive and thrive in the Wild - one of the most exciting and inspirational environments possible! 

School camps can stand alone or be part of a larger programme of progressive learning that builds year on year as each pupil progresses through the school. They are equally applicable to primary, secondary and further education years.

"If you can learn how to survive and thrive in the wild, then you can certainly learn to do so in your school life, home life and personal life too!  The use of nature inspires learning in the most powerful of ways and serves to underpin almost any lesson, academic or otherwise, that a school might wish to teach."  Steven Shove - Co-Founder Really Wild Education 

Each camp is tailored to the specific requirements of any group and is delivered in a manner that best supports the particular values and ethos of your school.  Activities tie into the curriculum and can be used to develop any class theme or topic you may wish to exploreEach activity is also designed to raise important life lessons and to aid each pupil's personal development and growth as well. They can be delivered on your school grounds or at one of our own amazing locations. 

School camps and day events are ideal for:

  • Year group events
  • Enrichment days
  • Subject-related field trips or on-site learning (e.g. pre-history, geography, maths, science, PSHRE and history)
  • Enhancing the DofE award scheme
  • Welcoming events and induction of new cohorts to the school
  • SEN development
  • A support to school open days and other promotional events

In partnership with the school's own teaching staff, we seek to inspire and equip each student to be the very best they can be. The result is better motivated and more engaged pupils back at school and at home.  

Example Course Outline

Students engage in a wide range of activities and develop their skills to a very high standard. In addition to day courses that we can also provide, our school camps typically range from 1-4 nights. We offer introductory, intermediate and advanced levels which can lead on to expeditions at home and abroad. We also offer camps exclusively for SEN groups. School camps include a wide range of age appropriate activities. Some examples are listed below. Drop us a line to see what we can do for you.

  • identification of UK Fauna and Flora including foods medicines and poisons!

  • Fire craft - safety, ignition, uses, fire lays  

  • Backwoods cooking and wild medicines 

  • Use and evaluation of primitive technologies, animal signs and behaviour's, stalking and tracking  

  • Use of woodland tools 

  • Search and rescue exercises  

  • Foraging for and the preparation of wild foods, nutrition and diet 

  • Rope craft, use of man-made shelters and tarpology 

  • Shelter building, camp craft and water purification    

  • Effective communication, leadership, teamwork 

  • Successful society and human development 

  • Team building and leadership challenges 

  • Night games, wide games, and Really Wild Olympics 

Students have the opportunity to wild camp, stay in tents and dependent on location, even sleep in a selection of Mongolian yurts

Learning Outcomes

All learning outcomes and personal development objectives are agreed with teaching staff beforehand and written into our team's lesson plans to ensure everything we deliver is appropriate, completely relevant and has the most positive impact on the students we teach. 

  • Outdoor skills, understanding and appreciation of the natural environment.

  • Personal development: attitude, confidence, resilience, self-reliance, self-discipline, empathy, teamwork, leadership, community, cognitive development and problem solving- using our methodology for success.

  • Academic development: links to KS 1-5 Maths, Science Geography, History, Pre-History, Environmental Studies, PE, PSHE.

  • Principles taught help young people in their preparation for school life and/or their transition between schools, to college, university or work.   


Survival School

Survival School

Personal development and survival skills training at its best!

Survival School

Survival School

Personal development and survival skills training at its best!

 Survival Courses - Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced (2 days, 1 night)


DEsigned to give students a whole new experience and outlook on life.  

The Really Wild Survival Academy is the pinnacle of outdoor learning. Students learn the skills needed to survive and thrive outdoors in spring summer, autumn and winter, with winter being one of our most popular seasons for learning.

As the student's progress through our 3 different courses; introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, students have the opportunity to demonstrate a progression of learning and personal development that we believe is second to none. The courses are also a tremendous addition to the DofE programme with learning at Bronze, Silver and Gold award levels making young people better and safer outdoors.

The Survival Academy plugs perfectly into the Expeditions listed below where the students can test their skills and build on them anywhere in the world!

Have a look below at the diagram, any combination of each grouping can be combined to suit your students and the school's needs.

At Really Wild Education we have a great deal of experience running and facilitating DofE training. If you would like us to help facilitate a successful DofE program at the school have a look at our DofE training page and events here, or just give us a call and have a chat.

Example Survival Course Outline

Students develop their bush craft and survival skills to an extremely high standard. On completion of these courses, students will be equipped with the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary to survive and thrive in even the most challenging of situations and environments. This applies equally to the outdoors as it does to other aspects of the students' lives.  

These include: 

  • Survival priorities and attitude

  • Fire craft - safety, ignition, uses and a range of different fire lays  

  • Knife craft, safety, the law, carving and the use of other woodland tools 

  • Stalking and trackingprimitive technologies and tool designuse and evaluation of primitive weapons and tools 

  • Search and rescue, first aid, managing emergencies and trail blazing

  • Foraging for and the preparation of wild foods and wild medicines  

  • Nutrition and diet, meal planning and backwoods cooking

  • Wild navigation, compass and map use  

  • Rope craft, knots and tarpology  

  • Morse code and night navigation  

  • Shelter - natural and man made using multiple techniques,

  • Camp craft -  safety, organisation and wood craft skills

  • Sourcing water, filtration, purification and management

  • Expedition planning, preparation and safety 

  • Effective communication, leadership, teamwork and lessons on successful society and human development.

Learning Outcomes

Students who undertake our survival courses tend to become great leaders in their school and wider community. Furthermore, the courses hone students' abilities to think for themselves; to listen, to learn and then act appropriately to many challenging situations. They develop responsibility as well as range of valuable technical skills. Students' attention in school increases and they find that school becomes a place that they really want to be in. 

Educational learning: 

  • KS3 and 4 and 5 Science 
  • KS3 and 4 and 5 Geography 
  • KS3 and 4 and 5 PE 
  • KS3 and 4 and 5 Design Technology 
  • KS3 and 4 Maths 
  • KS3 PSHRE 
  • Environmental studies and woodland management 
  • British Natural history and Evolution 
  • KS2 Pre-History

Cornwall Sea Kayak

Cornwall Sea Kayak

Personal Development Trip

Cornwall Sea Kayak

Cornwall Sea Kayak

Personal Development Trip

An extraordinary adventure! Students will kayak and camp along one of the most beautiful and dramatic coastlines in Europe.

They will receive professional tuition from the country's most experienced sea kayaking instructors and survival experts. Your students will survive and thrive in the wild and have the chance to earn an Open Water Sea Kayaking Qualification too.

Students will learn a range of survival and bush craft skills that can include; how to fish from your boat on the open sea, how to forage for wild foods and materials from the shoreline and coastal regions, how to establish and manage an excellent camp, ignite and establish fires using natural means and prepare wholesome meals using a mixture of expedition rations and tasty wild foods.

At the end of the expedition, students will have become competent as expedition members and will have developed the mindset and a number of skills necessary to succeed in any aspect of their lives.


Activities can include:

  •          Sea kayaking instruction and certification
  •          Expedition planning
  •          Open water navigation, safety and rescue techniques
  •          Canadian canoeing skills
  •          Fishing
  •          Foraging; identification of foods in the wild on and off shore
  •          Knife craft
  •          Expedition cooking and nutrition
  •          Shelter and camp craft skills
  •          Survival priorities and techniques
  •          Open water first aid, search and rescue

We work with some of the world's most accomplished explorers and coaches in the world of kayaking and canoeing. AALA registered, they lead the  kayaking and canoeing instruction elements of this expedition, working alongside the Really Wild Education team.






Do you want to really bring the new KS2 Pre History topics to life? Well look no further!

Really Wild Education’s teachers have an inspiring and hands on course of study to really bring ancient British culture to life.

With Really Wild Education your students will learn to safely make fire the way our ancient ancestors discovered how to do it. They will cook ancient bread recipes with a tasty twist, build shelters and learn how to hunt and gather in the wild. The students will take a journey through time from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and have a small taste of what it was really like to live in those days. 

Our bush craft and survival instructors are trained in all primitive knowledge techniques of survival that our ancestors passed down through the ages. Your students will come away from a day with us having gained some of these incredible confidence lifting and useful skills. 

Drop us a line for more information or give us a call and have a chat about some of the things we can teach your students. 



A PDF detailing the KS2 Pre History Curriculum Content for this course can be downloaded here





DofE Skills Training

Unique, exciting and full of adventure!



DofE Skills Training

Unique, exciting and full of adventure!


Book Your Skills Training Weekend Below!

Please call us on 07818 431902 if you need any help. Thank you for your interest!

Completing the three sections of your DofE award can sometimes be difficult. That is where we come in!

Really Wild Education will teach you a host of amazing skills to help you survive and thrive in the wild and in your personal and school life too, equipping you to succeed no matter what! Not only this, but what we will teach you could set you up to join us on future expeditions to the Arctic, jungle and desert islands where your skills and capabilities will be taken to a whole new level. 

Sign up to one of our DofE Skills training weekends and you will have the opportunity to develop some or all of the awesome skills listed below. Places can be booked at the bottom of this page.

Successful completion will also qualify you to apply for our survival academy.


  • Shelter and camp craft - To be able to utilise your environment effectively to stay alive and be comfortable outdoors whatever the weather. Use and understand a range of skills to keep you safe, organised and working efficiently in order to survive and thrive outdoors.
  • Remote first aid - Gain the confidence to keep it together and to look after yourself and others if ever an accident occurs.  
  • Fire craftfire safety, fire ignition and fire lays - Experience the skills to light, sustain and use fire wisely in a range of wilderness scenarios. Highly rewarding!
  • Knife craft - Using a knife to create other tools and useful objects with insights to the law. Gain great confidence and skill with this incredible tool and learn to master its use as you develop your skills after your introductory weekend!
  • Search and rescue training - Increase your tenacity and ability by learning to lead others and save lives!
  • Fauna and flora - Experience these skills for yourself, then research and create short reports, presentations or videos on the identification, uses and folk law about various British plants and animals.
  • Outdoor cooking - This is a great skill to have that can translate to the home and industry. Prepare an outdoor cook book and menu plan and try out and evaluate a range of different backwoods cooking methods for yourself.
  • Animal tracking - The ultimate outdoor skill that can take a lifetime to master! There is so much more to this skill than you might think. Learn about animal behaviours, sign, habitats, uses and their important role in maintaining a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, as well as their role in the development and lifestyles of people throughout the ages.
  • Navigation techniques - Experience and learn multitude of different wild survival and modern navigation skills and techniques.  


Once you have been on the 2 day and one night training weekend, you can then pick one or more of these skills and  develop them over the chosen period for your DofE.

Online learning aids will be provided to give you guidance with your chosen skill.

To pass your chosen skills section of the DofE  you will need to make sure the activity meets the section's criteria and demonstrate competence of your chosen skill/activity. There may be a presentation evening held at the school where you will have an opportunity to show your work. You can choose exactly how! Choose from the following: A verbal presentation, practical demonstration, video or written portfolio. Parents, carers and families will be welcome to attend to celebrate your success. Your work will be submitted on that evening for evaluation by the experts at Really Wild Education for certification on the schools DofE. The Really Wild Education team will be happy to help you along the way if you have any questions.

Date of Skills training weekend: October at Parkwood Camp site. Location and directions can be found here.

The cost of the 2 day training weekend, presentation evening and marking and certification of all students work is £135 per student. This cost includes instruction from the UK’s most highly qualified survival and bush craft instructors, camping fees, meals and marking/certification for the student's section of the DofE.

Parents/carers will need to arrange transportation to and from the venue. We encourage students to lift share to save fuel and time for the parents involved.

A kit list can be downloaded here. It is vital that every student has ALL the kit stated on the list and brings a packed lunch with them the first day of the weekend. 

If you would like to chat to someone about this course you can call us on 07818431902 or 07771 520515.

If your school/establishment is interested in a FULL DofE Programme give us a call.

Please Book Your Place Here

DofE Skills Training

Earn your DofE skills section award in one of the most exciting and inspiring of ways by joining our team led by some of the country's most qualified and experienced survival experts and expedition leaders. As well as learning some amazing survival skills, you will also develop as a person: developing leadership skills, understanding what it is like to have to rely on one another and succeeding in situations where you might otherwise have thought it impossible. Graduates of this course may also earn the opportunity to attend more advanced and specialist courses and even earn themselves an invite on future expeditions to the Arctic, the jungles and desert  islands of Borneo, or to the deserts of Australia.

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Special Educational Needs


Special Educational Needs

SEN Personal Development and Achievers' Camp


Our mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of all those who attend our courses, camps and expeditions. In particular, we positively impact the lives of those who sometimes struggle the most in main stream education or society. The SEN Personal Development, Achievement and Celebration Camp is one way in which we can help. 

Students will camp either in yurts, tents or in their own wild shelters depending on student choice and capability, site and season. 

This course is suitable for students with learning, behavioural and physical disabilities. It develops self-awareness of personal behaviours and of an individual's talents and skills. It cultivates and reinforces personal confidence, self-discipline, and a number of skills including communication, motor skills and personal organisation. It instils empathy for others and a strong teamwork ethic. It does so in a truly inspirational way and in an amazing setting. 

Our key measure of success is better behaved and more fully engaged students back at school and at home, inspired to achieve more and to do their best. 

Students participate in a range of exciting and engaging bush craft and survival- based activities, games and exercises - each designed to ignite, inspire and educate each student about what they are truly capable of 

Through 1:1 and group discussion/mentoring sessions planned and run in conjunction with the school's teaching staff, students learn to identify and develop their own special talents and gifts. They learn that these are unique and special to them, that these attributes are valuable and useful and should be nurtured, developed and celebrated.  

The overall experience is used to build confidence where this may be lacking, a sense of responsibility where this may be missing and a sense of purpose where this may be absent.   

Students learn that people have always been able to survive and thrive in even the most challenging and difficult of circumstances and situations and that they can do so too, often with apparently nothing going in their favour and in the face of seemingly insurmountable challengesThis is where their bush craft and survival experiences will be related directly back to their own personal situation using our methodology for success. 

Course Outline

Bush craft skills that may be offered may include but may not be limited to the following - each delivered in a  manner suited to the individual: 


  • Arts and crafts suited to particular motor skills 

  • Foraging, wild foods and  back woods cooking 

  • Trust building, communication, listening skills, stalking and tracking games 

  • Shelter buildingcamp craft and water purification 

  • Fire craft - safety, fire ignition and fire lays 

  • Search and rescue games and basic first aid training 

  • Crafts and creative exercises e.g. cordage making, woodland collage creation, tree rubbing, clay making and other crafts 

  • Animal tracking, hunting skills and navigation 


At the end of the course, each student will have achieved a great deal. This will be celebrated and where appropriate, students may also be awarded certificates of personal and team achievement. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Behaviour development:  self-confidence, empathy, teamwork, self-understanding, personal responsibility and accountability 

  • Communication skills, listening skills,  motor skills, cooking skills 

  • Outdoor skills - ideal for inspiring and assisting entry into the outdoor learning industry, forestry, agriculturehorticulture, carpentry or craft 

  • KS1, 2,3,4,5 Sciences, History, Geography as appropriate, Environmental Studies, PSHRE, PE 


Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage Camps (2 nights)

Life changing results and a transition to lives with purpose, confidence and success! These are the outcomes enjoyed by those students who work hard to pass their rites of passage, achieved within a safe and supportive environment under the guidance of our professional and truly inspirational team.

Our rites of passage camps deliver life changing results for our pupils as they transition from one state of maturity to another. We do this by taking them through an exciting and engaging curriculum of activities with coaching that not only develops fantastic outdoor skills, but also delivers life lessons that really make a difference. Each day, students have the opportunity to earn their stripes, literally painted on their faces as they achieve one task after another. Ultimately, they get to enjoy a fantastic celebration of their achievements after having passed through one final and exciting rite of passage.

The experience is designed to build confidence, develop a sense of responsibility and to nurture a real sense of purpose and belief. 

The consequences of one's choices, actions and in-actions are also emphasised throughout the course as any "masks of bravado or image" are also removed to enable students to take an honest look at themselves to uncover or reframe their true potential in the most positive manner.

Students  learn to identify and develop their own special talents and gifts. They learn that these are unique and special to them, that these attributes are valuable and useful and should be nurtured, developed and celebrated.

The outdoor and bush craft skills used as a means to developed these lessons often include the following as appropriate:


  •          Fire craft
  •          Knife craft
  •          Shelter and camp craft
  •          Search and rescue
  •          Navigation
  •          Wild foods
  •          Back woods cooking
  •      Stalking and tracking


Learning and life coaching points, with times for reflection, are tailored to each group to maximise value and relevance. e.g.  boys, girls, mixed groups, SEN, those choosing careers, transitioning to work, college or university. 

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Family Camps

Family Camps

Family Camps

Family Camps

Family, Parent and Carer Camps


An exciting adventure and bonding experience for families to develop skills and create memories that will last a life time! 

Ideal for all students and their families , this 2 day and 1 night camp is designed to adapt and cater for a number of particular audiences: 

  1. SEN pupils, parents and carers.

  2. Pupil premium students who may benefit from individual or small group coaching.   

  3. G&T and other students as a reward for good efforts/achievements in school.  

Students and their families will learn how to survive and thrive together in a truly inspirational setting All participants will learn a wide range of bush craft, survival and other skills 

These may include:  

  • Fire craft, shelter and camp craft 

  • Knife craft and use of woodland tools 

  • Wild Plants - foods medicines and poisons 

  • Back woods cooking 

  • Game preparation (optional) 

  • Search and rescue 

  • Rope and knot craft 

  • Stalking, tracking and hunting skills 

  • Wild navigation 

 There will be plenty of time to reflect on their experiences and celebrate what they have achieved together. 


Wild Foods

Wild Foods

Wild Foods

Wild Foods

Wild Foods and Camp Craft (2 Days, 1 Night)

Students will learn to identify a number of plants, trees and animals together with their uses and associated dangers. They will learn to safely forage for food and prepare their own plants and a variety of wild game to eat. 

An exciting outdoor learning and personal development experience, scheduled during the most abundant times of year! 

This course is ideally suited to those who have successfully completed one or more of our introductory and intermediate survival courses. The course builds on prior learning and really sets an example of how it is possible to really thrive in the wild. The course can be adapted for groups that may not have already received any prior training.

Course Outline

Students will learn how to safely identify a wide range of wild foods and medicines and will gather other useful materials as well that will help them thrive whilst living outdoors. Reinforcing lessons on nutrition and human physiology will also represent a significant area of student learning.

Students will develop their knife craft and carving skills, practice how to use other woodland tools and have the opportunity to craft a selection of utensils for themselves from the sustainable resources around them.

Fire craft skills will be practiced and developed alongside lessons in outdoor safety, first aidwoodland and countryside management. 

Game preparation will include some or all of the following: Rabbit, pigeon and fish. To source and prepare one's own food from scratch is an experience very few people have the opportunity to do. The lessons and values learned from this experience can prove invaluable.

An important element of the course is to develop each student's confidence and ability to rely on themselves and each other. These values are strongly developed and reinforced in a wilderness setting. This helps each student to perform more effectively when back at school and home. 

Learning Outcomes

  • KS3 and 4 Biology (plant identification in situ), animal physiology and nutrition  

  • Natural history, ecology, woodland management, basic herbology, horticulture (plant identification and uses) 

  • KS3 and 4 Design and technology (Making tools) 

  • KS4 physical geography (soil types, erosion, natural selection and conservation SSSi’s) 

  • KS3 PSHRE conservation and spirituality with native history and husbandry


Staff and leadership training

Staff and Leadership Training

Staff and leadership training

Staff and Leadership Training

Really Wild Education doesn't just equip and enable students, it can do the same for teachers, senior management teams and school administrators too. Using our proven methodology for success we empower and enable staff and senior management teams as well as the students in our communities.

We help Senior Management Teams, Heads of Departments and teachers really understand their impact on a school, its students and the community. We then uniquely equip a leadership teams and teachers with a range of powerful yet memorable strategies to build on their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and more consistently deliver the results they need.

The Really Wild team can help your leaders to:

  • Develop a culture of performance
  • Leverage the power of Whole Person Performance (WPP™)
  • Leverage the power of Whole Organisation Performance (WOP™)
  • Lead in times of constant change
  • Develop a culture of innovation
  • Lead with authenticity
  • Impact and influence your staff and students
  • Develop personal resilience
  • Develop a strategic mind-set
  • Create a learning culture, and
  • Effectively inspire and coach others


To find out more about our approach and how we can best help you, contact us now for an exploratory conversation.